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“Soothables + Co., came about when a friend had a diving accident at 20. He became a quadriplegic, and as a result, he had difficulty keeping his body warm, so I designed a hat for him to heat up in a microwave to give him some relief…”

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Soothables + Co. came about when a dear friend of mine had a diving accident at the age of 21. He developed quadriplegia, and as a result, he had difficulty keeping his body warm, so I created a hat that could be heated to help him. It was a game changer for him. It gave him the relief he needed.

Five years later, right out of college, I was diagnosed with cancer. The chemo treatment for my cancer was so aggressive that after my second chemo, I lost all my hair. I felt that coldness from not having hair and thought about the hat I had made for my friend.

Do you know someone who has had an accident and has become a paraplegic or quadriplegic and cannot regulate their body temperature? Or Someone who has lost all or most of their hair due to chemotherapy, a health issue, or aging? For these reasons, I designed a hat to help with that!

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Thank you for visiting Soothables + Co., where relief has a new address!

The “Hot Ta-Ta” Breast Pad

This “Hot Ta-Ta” was created for relief after surgery from a mastectomy, for ease of Mastitis, breast tenderness, and fibroid cyst. It can be used warm or cold for cooling purposes for hot spots.

The “Hot Head” Hat

Initially, the hat was created for those with difficulty regulating body temperature due to spinal cord injuries. See “About” for the story. It also greatly benefits those who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, thinning hair due to medication, stress, or aging. It can be used for warmth or to cool down.

The “Hot Hands” Gloves

We made these gloves for those suffering from arthritis, effects from certain chemotherapy treatments, surgeries and those who need extra help with keeping their hands warm…we’ve got you covered!.

We’ve Got You Covered



Our patented designs are made from soft and durable Polartec fleece and our heatable, 100% naturally filled, inserts are made to bring warmth and comfort to anyone.



For resources on navigating cancer and to view events that we participate in to positively impact the community, please click the link below.