About Our Products

The “Hot Head” Hat

Our patented, Polartec fleece, “heatable” hat was designed to keep your head warm for those who need additional warmth. Use our flaxseed and lavender filled inserts for a heating or cooling effect. This product was made with Polartec fleece and is wind resistant and water repellent. 
How to use:
    • For warmth: Put the packet insert in the microwave for 30 seconds, reheat at 15-second increments until desired warmth is achieved, and re-insert the packet into the open pockets inside the hat..
    • For cooling effect: Put the packet insert in the freezer for up to one hour, and re-insert the packet..
  • Hat shell is washable
  • Packet inserts are NOT washable


Size M L XL 2XL
Hat 7-7⅛ 7¼-7⅜ 7½-7⅝ 7¾-7⅞
Head 22-22½ 22½-23⅜ 23⅜-24¼ 24¼-25

Why flax instead of other grains?

  • Flaxseed provides a gentle, moist heat that promotes healing.
  • Flaxseeds are flower seeds rather than grains, so they contain 30-40% oil that remains inside the seed to be warmed repeatedly.
  • When heated, flaxseed retains half its heat after an hour and will still be warm hours later.
  • Flax will not have that “cooked grain” smell other grain-based products have when heated repeatedly.
  • The weight of flaxseed is light and comforting.
  • Flaxseed can also be chilled in the freezer to soothe fevers and slight inflammations or relieve hot spots. They don’t freeze to provide the numbness needed for things like sprains or serious injuries.

The “Hot Ta-Ta” Breast Pad

Our patented fleece heatable breast pad is a multi-functional product that can provide relief for breast cancer patients after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, mothers breastfeeding who experience mastitis, and any other need for this kind of relief!

The “Hot Hand” Fingerless Gloves

Our patented, Polartec fleece, heatable fingerless gloves are a product that provides relief for multiple situations and reasons. These gloves are made with two insert pockets, one on the top of your hand and the other on the inside of your palm to provide warmth and can be worn under gloves or mittens with covered fingers on them, keeping your hands from being chilled to the bone. This product is made with Polartec fleece and is wind resistant and water repellent. 

We Support Small Business Manufacturers

Here at Soothables + Co., we, as a small business, strive to impact our community positively. Therefore, we have intentionally decided to work with small businesses in the US to make our products, which helps support their business and the local economy. As a result, our products may have slight differences when put next to each other based on which small batch manufacturer created the product; this makes each Soothables product unique and original!

Each manufacturer adheres to the standard of quality and quality control guideline expectations of Soothables + Co. Your purchase does not get to you before it leaves us, and it has a final Soothable + Co. inspection.

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