About Our Team

Born from a place of compassion and need, here at Soothables + Co., we are truly a family! We put our heart and soul into every soothing design produced.

Siobhán Cutone
Founder + Creative Director

Hello, my name is Siobhán…

(pronounced Sha-Von)

I started this journey with a simple yet profound mission: to provide comfort and relief to those facing challenging medical events such as cancer, chronic pain, lifelong paralysis, arthritis, and more.

It all began when a dear friend, at the age of 20, became a quadriplegic due to a life-altering accident. Witnessing his struggle, I moved to his hospital in Colorado to support him in adapting to his new reality. Part of my care for him included keeping him warm, which sometimes involved secretly warming blankets in the utility room microwave. However, this makeshift solution often resulted in blankets smelling like they were on fire, eventually leading to my microwave privileges being revoked.

‘Our products are designed to provide comfort and relief to those facing challenging medical events”

At the time, I was an art student at my university. I had a design assignment to create a six-piece tailored collection. However, my passion for providing warmth and comfort to my friend during his difficult journey won out, and instead, I designed a “heatable hat.” To my happiness, he found solace in it, as it was the only thing that could offer him the warmth his body could no longer regulate.

Years later, at age 26, I faced my own battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Blood Cancer, Stage 2, B High Risk. During eight months of intense chemotherapy and radiation in cold and rainy Seattle, including snow that year, I often thought about how comforting a hat like the one I had made for my friend would be.

After my recovery, I decided to make these hats and three other products I had created available to others who were going through similar challenges. As I sat in the infusion center, I observed fellow warriors battling their own chemo treatments, and I knew I wanted to offer them relief as well.

At Soothables, we want you to know you are not alone. For those battling an illness, I thought of you the whole time I was designing these products. Every product we’ve designed is infused with care, empathy, and the genuine desire to provide soothing relief to those facing some of life’s toughest moments.

Hello, my name is Anne…

Siobhán is my inspiration and my friend. My greatest joy in life is the laughter and joy my daughter brings me. She has an exceptional sense of humor and is one of the strongest individuals I know. Watching her battle cancer was undoubtedly the most challenging experience of my life, but it also ignited our shared passion for Soothables’ products.

So, why did I become a part of this venture? When Siobhán lost her beautiful hair after her second chemo treatment and her cotton cap no longer provided sufficient warmth, she remembered the heatable hat she had created for her friend. However, her own illness prevented her from making one for herself at the time. While we were both in the infusion center, we noticed that fellow patients had unique needs stemming from their specific cancer treatments.

A few years later, when Siobhán was ready to sit down at the sewing machine and create the heatable hat she had envisioned, she didn’t forget the others we had met who had distinct requirements due to their chemo treatments. This led to the development of the hat, the extender, a glove, and a breast pad.

I’ll never forget the day my daughter looked at me during her chemo treatments and said, “I’ve had everything taken away from me—my health, my freedom, my looks, and my memory.” As a parent, it was heart-wrenching because, for the first time, I couldn’t make it better. There were no words to offer except agreement and heartfelt sympathy. It’s a parent’s worst feeling to see their child, who had just lost her hair due to chemo, standing next to the bathroom sink, combing out most of her hair.

Soothables is our way of giving you a comforting embrace, a reminder that you are not alone on this journey. We stand beside you, providing products designed with love, understanding, and hope. We are on this journey with you.

Anne Cutone-Kilker
Co-Founder + CEO